Did Bankse change its logo?

Yes! We've applied a series of changes in design to express what Bankse really is, and what it will mean for its members. With Bankse you can be (B_) anyone you want to be, and most importantly you can B_Happy, B_Wealthy and B_Successful.

Why is Bankse showing only a landing page?

We are making the last 'cosmetic' updates to our new website to match our new brand with our premium products. Until we're ready, we decided to launch a simple landing page that you can visit here at www.joinbankse.com before our new official website is ready. Keep an eye out for our official announcement via email and social media to find out as soon as our new official website goes live!

Why is Bankse official website being changed?

Our team was working very intensively and quietly on creating a new and truly unique banking and investing experience for our members. All our products are designed with you in mind and to help you grow your wealth. Becoming a Bankse member and using our products will make you feel like you're a member of a Private Members Club, not just a client in another Mobile Bank. For this reason, our website is being changed to match the uniqueness and exclusivity of Bankse.

Why did Bankse change its domain? 

Our early focus was only on the Spanish market, that's why we've launched our previous landing page under www.bankse.es domain. However we've received a lot of support and great feedback from people from all over Europe, that's why we will no longer only focus on the Spanish market, but we will serve members from all over Europe. Therefore we've changed our domain to www.joinbankse.com with a global extension.


What accounts will Bankse offer?

We will offer Personal and Business accounts for Bankse members. For personal account will have 2 premium memberships available to choose from, Platinum and Diamond. Our Business accounts will have only one membership plan.

What IBAN will be available with these accounts?

We will offer Euro Accounts with Estonian IBAN's.

How will I be able to open a Bankse bank account?

You will be able to open a bank account with Bankse using our official mobile app that will be launched soon. Bankse app will be available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

When can I start using a Bankse account?

We are working on the final preparations for Bankse official launch. We will let you know when Bankse will be officially launched and when we will allow our members to open their bank accounts.


Are membership plans offered by Bankse now, the same as previous plans?

No, our membership plans have changed. We decided to offer only 2 plans, Platinum and Diamond which have an annual membership fee. There will be a free membership plan also available for these members who are not ready to commit to join Bankse, but would like to try. Platinum Lite is the best plan for it and ⏤ it's free.

What's Platinum Membership?

Platinum Membership was designed to enable you to manage your finances seamlessly and effortlessly. You will have all basic bank account features including a European IBAN, SEPA instant transfers, multiple sub-accounts, premium products including purchase and travel insurance, deposit protection guarantee and more. Most importantly, with Platinum Membership you'll be growing your wealth with every transaction made thanks to our B_Loyal Program and multiplying your savings long-term with Bankse unique investment opportunities.  ⏤ €99 Annual Membership Fee.

What's Diamond Membership?

Our Diamond Membership was designed for members who truly desire to maximise their profits and significantly increase their wealth. These members will be able to enjoy everything that is included in our Platinum Membership but with no limits. Additionally with Diamond Membership, these members will have access to more exclusive and bespoke investment opportunities as well as private concierge services and more⏤ From €399 Annual Membership Fee.

What's Platinum Lite Membership?

This lite version of Platinum Membership will allow you to try Bankse without any financial commitment. However, Platinum Lite Membership will have monthly spending limits and will be only available for you to try for the first 3 months ⏤ it's free.


What's B_Loyal Program?

B_Loyal Program is Bankse's Loyalty Program which reward our members for their commitment of using Bankse.
You will receive B_Loyal Points from each transaction made with Bankse Debit Card. We will offer 1x B_Loyal Points* for every Euro spent on all online and in-store purchases. 2x B_Loyal Points* for every Euro spent on food delivery, ride share and investments (ex. Glovo, Just Eat, Uber, Bolt and more). 3x B_Loyal Points* on all subscriptions (ex. Netflix, Spotify and more). Up to 20x B_Loyal Points* on offers from Bankse Partners (ex. fashion, travel, accommodation brands and more) and finally 'SUPERCHARGED' limited time offers from Bankse.

Can I exchange collected points to Euro?

All points can be redeemed to Euro instantly after you receive your points to your B_Loyal Account after a successful transaction. 1 B_Loyal Point = 0.01 Euro.

What else can I do with the points? 

Bankse will offer additional Premium Products that will be only available to purchase using B_Loyal Points. Full list of Premium Products will be available on our official website.


What is the Bankse General Waiting List?

The General Waiting List was available for our early members to invite their friends with their own unique referral codes. These early members had unlimited invites available and thanks to their enthusiasm we've reached the maximum amount of members on the General Waiting List, for which reason it has been closed. All members who joined this list and invited their friends and family, will see all their referral in Bankse mobile app after launch and will receive their 50 Euro bonus after all steps in the Referral program will be completed.

What is the Bankse Invite-Only Waiting List?

This is our new premium Waiting List where you can invite friends and family using your own email address that you provide during registration. We suggest to only share your email directly with people you know, and that you believe would benefit from using Bankse. You can invite maximum 10 people and you will receive 50 Euro for each member who join using your email and will open an account as well as subscribe for Platinum or Diamond Membership.


Who can become a Bankse shareholder?

We are giving the opportunity for our early members on the General Waiting List and Invite-Only Waiting List to express their interest in becoming a Bankse shareholder. We are focused on helping our members truly grow their wealth with our products, and now we are also allowing them to become an owner, not just a customer of Bankse. This way our members will be able to grow their wealth as the company grows each year.

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